UK / SINGAPORE – – Zen Green Stage, the UK-based moving floors specialist, has enhanced its global operations and will extend its reach into the Asia Pacific region with the appointment of Singapore-based Eric Lynge as Senior Advisor.

Lynge, who has 25 years’ experience in leadership positions within the media and sports industry in the Asia Pacific area, heads up Sporting Insights Asia (formerly SMS Asia) and will advise Zen on strategic matters pertaining to the launch of the firm’s adjustable playing surface products in the Asia Pacific region.

Four of the world’s top 20 golfing countries by facility numbers are in the Asia Pacific region: Japan, the Republic of Korea, China and Thailand (source: R&A Golf Around The World Fourth Edition / Sporting Insights).

Starting immediately, Lynge will assist with Zen’s expansion into those markets, plus Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Zen Green Stage General Manager Andy Hiseman said: “We believe that the new global standard in golf practice now involves activating the floor, and that Zen Green Stage represents the leading technology in this market segment.

“As our moving floors become more common worldwide, we find ourselves dealing with multiple sales channels and different types of end user wherever we go. Eric Lynge will help us to manage that complexity in the Asia Pacific region, which itself comprises an extraordinary variety of markets and different approaches to golf.

“As well as helping us to form new strategic partnerships in the region, he will also be triggering direct sales discussions with potential Green Stage owners. These will typically be Tour golfers and their coaches, PGA instructors, golf facility owners, governing bodies and private individuals.”

Eric Lynge said: “The golf market is ready to take realism to a new level with Zen Green Stage. Over recent years, I have had the opportunity to view various off-course technologies both in theory and in practice and it was clear, from the moment I first saw Zen make the floor move, that this serves the fast-growing indoor golf market in an incredibly compelling and comprehensive manner.

“Green Stage creates an accurately-adjustable playing surface for golf facilities and private golfers without tying them to any particular other golf technology, and it is versatile enough to enhance both coaching environments and golf entertainment centres.

“It is a world-class product, and I am excited to help the Zen team actively expand into Asia Pacific in a way which matches their recent expansion into North America and Europe.”

Additionally, Zen will commission Sporting Insights to deliver data that will help Zen to take strong strategic decisions as it communicates its product range and identifies potential partnerships.

Launch monitors, simulator software, putting technology, balance plates and 3D motion capture systems of all kinds can gather more data than ever before through use on a Zen Green Stage adjustable playing surface.

Richard Payne, Director of Sporting Insights said: “In supporting Zen Green Stage with insights on the market, we look forward to the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the market and to help them identify opportunities and challenges across their product portfolio.”

Zen Green Stage Founder Nick Middleton said: “We believe that adjustable playing surfaces, with Zen taking the lead, may be the most fundamental step forwards for golf coaching since the arrival of launch monitors almost two decades ago, and activating the floor is, quite simply, the best way to unlock true reality when you are practising or coaching golf indoors – or indeed when you are hitting out onto the range.

“The ability to move the floor accurately also significantly enhances the indoor golf entertainment experience.

“Where we lead others will inevitably follow, but our technology gains have been hard-won over the last nine years, and appointing Eric Lynge to advise across the region is a landmark moment for our business.”

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