38,000 courses
Go play.

Zen Swing Stage.

Discover the world’s first Real golf simulation.

A decade of innovation delivers truly Next Level experience and places the golf course at your feet.

Because Zen bridges the gap between practice and play, the skills acquired on the Zen Swing Stage transfer directly to the golf course.

Connect existing golf tech to the Stage and capture Deep Green© data from real course scenarios.

Launch Monitor & Golf Simulation:
Take to the Stage and recreate all the drama of over 38,000 golf courses around the world.
Performance Analysis Deep Green Data:
Take a deep dive into your golfing signature with engaging data that is reshaping how we learn the game.
Course Terrain Simulation:
Place yourself at the centre of the action at over 38,000 golf courses.
Force & Pressure Plates:
Awaken your swing data from the ground up!
3D Kinematics & Pose Estimation:
Used with the Zen Stages to enable you to measure your performance in a real-life scenario.
Augmented Reality:
Discover how this new technology enriches visualisation skills.

Plug & Play.

Zen Stages can be used with your existing golf simulator, launch monitor or ball tracking software. Talk to us for a full list of proprietary brands that are suitable for integration. We’re here to help you get the full benefit of your Zen moving floor.


  • Driver through to wedge play
  • Up to 12% gradient up-down
  • Up to 9% gradient left-right
  • Rapid slope transitions
  • Complies with safety regs and accreditations
  • Wireless tablet control
  • Used with proprietary simulator products
  • On-Floor or In-Floor options
  • Precise accuracy to +/- 0.1% gradient
  • Strike oval for tee shots and fairway / wedge play

The Zen Service.


We can advise on studio design, so that you get to enjoy the ultimate golfing experience.


Our certified installers work to the highest professional standards of safety which guarantees your piece of mind.


We provide a support system which ensures your products are always fully upgraded and functional.

Zen in the
Home of Golf.

In 2022, for the 150th Open Championship at St Andrews, Scotland, Zen built a new Zen Experience showroom close to the 18th green on The Old Course – and right where the final green on the original St Andrews golf course used to be.

Located downstairs in The St Andrews Golf Company shop – hickory specialists and the world’s oldest clubmakers – the Zen Green Stage juxtaposes the New and the Old in a world-first dedicated putting experience which visitors can try when they are in the historic town.

Our Journey.

We’re on a mission to drive the future of golf.

We’re pioneers. Our journey began with the first step, and we’re still on that journey.

Innovation is an evolutionary process, our Zen Stages will continue to develop alongside technology.

Our mission.

“To create the world’s #1
moving floor for golf”

Our vision.

“To grow the game and
enrich your life in golf”

Trusted by Professionals.