The Science Behind the Scenes.

The Zen Green Stage places the golfer in a real-world environment that feels just like a game of golf. The experience is entirely user-centric that translates directly to the green. It changes the way players learn and improve, closing the gap between the driving range and the golf course.

Scientific research supports our approach. Golfers adapt to their environment by solving the problems that the course presents – the topology of the landscape, the inclines and undulations. So rather than applying pre-determined swing positions, they are forced to adjust their response to meet the demands of the floor beneath their feet. This means a flat driving range mat will never offer the challenges of a golf course. Adaptability is vital to becoming a great golfer, and we believe a Zen Green Stage unlocks the potential for every player, be they a beginner or a professional.

Our moving stages can replicate every single golf course in the world. Your local course, championship courses and those elusive courses that players aspire to conquer.

Play as if you’re there because we put the golf course at your feet!