Come and meet us on:
Stand 1281 – Smart 2 Move
Stand 1401 – Sky Golf
Stand 2965 – Swing Catalyst


Zen Green Stage and our industry leading partners will bring the golf course indoors at the PGA Show 2024. Come see how we enhance your tech through our ever-changing slopes and introduce the latest innovations we have made in the golf industry.

Smart2Move Stand 1281

Force plates are the next piece of the technology toolbox and Smart2Move now offers the first 3D force plate that is portable and affordable. See how the Zen Swing Stage and Smart2Move force plates take our understanding of the golf swing to the next level.

SkyGolf Stand 1401

SkyGolf specializes in the development of innovative positioning systems and technology specifically designed to help golfers play better and have more fun. Experience how SkyGolf’s new technology is amplified by the Zen Green Stage. Taking putting coaching and learning to the frontier of education.

Swing Catalyst Stand 2965

The most powerful and user-friendly video analysis software in golf, integrated with superpowered sensor plates. Swing Catalyst are helping world renowned coaches and players to see and influence the invisible forces at work in every swing. Come visit us for a deep dive into how Zen Stages are integrating with Swing Catalyst’s technology to break a new dawn of golf instruction.