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New Coaching Landscape

To teach the world to play better and enjoy golf more by providing
real-world gradients to golf indoors and at driving ranges.

To make the off-course golf experience more
realistic by “bringing the golf course indoors”

Statements from the leading experts.

  • You’re no longer limited to coaching on flat lies
  • Create any breaking putt, any sloping lie, within seconds
  • Fix a slicer’s / hooker’s swing path, direction, plane and angle of attack by coaching with ball above / below feet
  • Use micro-adjustable Zen gradients for better putting coaching
  • Improve weight transfer by using gravity
  • Work on distance, ball striking and ball path by changing slopes underfoot
  • The Zen unique Adaptive Terrain Technology™ (ATT) enables its adjustable playing surfaces to create virtually limitless gradients for putting and hitting shots
  • Zen Swing Stage: 6ft x 8ft / 1.8 x 2.4m (hitting only)
  • Zen Green Stage:
    • 12 x 8ft / 3.7 x 2.4m (putting & hitting, or putting only)
    • 16 x 8ft / 4.9 x 2.4m (putting & hitting, or putting only)
    • 20 x 8ft / 6.1 x 2.4m (putting only)
  • All available in On-Floor or In-Floor spec
  • From £14,950 to £33,525 excluding VAT, delivery and installation
  • Finance available
  • Zen’s unique Adaptive Terrain Technology™ (ATT) enables its adjustable playing surfaces to create virtually limitless gradients for putting and hitting shots
  • The world’s only moving platform for both putting and hitting
  • Adjustable in 0.1% increments
  • Up, Down, Left, Right, Double Break and Compound Break
  • ISO9001 & UKCA-certificated for safety
  • Made in Sheffield – a world-class product
  • Create new data from your tech just by moving the ground with a Zen
  • Integrations now available with Quintic and SAM PuttLab/Studio putting tech
  • More integrations coming soon – ask us about software upgrades
  • Use with Swing Catalyst and Smart2Move force plates
  • Use with Trackman, Foresight, SkyTrak, Flightscope, TruGolf and other launch monitors
  • PGA Professionals and Golfers in 24 countries now use Zen gradients for game-improvement and entertainment
  • Zen moving floors have been hailed as the future of golf by PGA of America, GB&I, Australia and Germany
  • Ryder Cup, PGA Tour, DP World Tour, LIV Golf players and their coaches are now practising at home on Zen Stages

Product Information

Discover the world’s first Real golf simulation.

A decade of innovation delivers truly Next Level experience and places the golf course at your feet.

Because Zen bridges the gap between practice and play, the skills acquired on the Zen Swing Stage transfer directly to the golf course.

Connect existing golf tech to the Stage and capture Deep Green© data from real course scenarios.

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